New: Hortus Society

29 April 2015
New: Hortus Society
We proudly present the Hortus Society. A club of plant lovers connected with the International Specialist Nursery Days Bingerden.

Celebration of plants at the Nursery Days

Every year during the third weekend of June the estate Bingerden organizes the International Specialist Nursery Days. On this plants show nurseries and other specialists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France exhibit and sell their best products. In 2016 the Specialist Nursery Days exists 20 years! To celebrate this, there will be a special program to ensure the participants of the attention they deserve. They make the Nursery Days a true celebration of plants.

Hortus Society and the Nursery Days

With the 20 years anniversary of the Nursery Days in 2016 coming up, the Hortus Society has been created. Members of the Hortus Society pay a contribution and thereby support the organization of the Nursery Days, now and in the future.
Bingerden wants the International Specialist Nursery Days to bring more plant lovers in contact with nurseries of special plants and holders of plant collections. The Nursery Days are a unique opportunity for the public to admire and buy these plants.

Joining the Hortus Society

Do you support the International Specialist Nursery Days Bingerden? Are you a plant lover? Join the Hortus Society! You will automatically receive your ticket for the next Nursery Days on June 19, 20 and 21, 2015, when you become a member before June 1.

Register here for the Hortus Society. In the registration form you will find the conditions and terms.