Theme 2016: Plants, People & Places

15 June 2016
Theme 2016: Plants, People & Places
The theme of the International Nursery Days this year is ‘Plant, People & Places’. A reference to John Elkington’s People, Planet & Profit which considers the harmony and balance between people, earth/ environment and profits as a condition for sustainable development. 
At Bingerden the harmony between plants, people and places is the theme for this years Nursery Days and tells about the story behind the plant; for example where does it come from, why is it interesting, where do you buy it and from whom? Peter Bauwens will talk about the theme on Saturday at 11.30 am. 

Other lectures on 'Plants, People & Places'

  • Friday 11.30, Didier Willery ‘Crazy about plants’
  • Saturday 14.30 Hanneke van Dijk, ‘Gardeners traveling’
  • Sunday 12.00 Peter Bauwens ‘Oriental inspiration for the Western kitchen garden’
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Photo: Marion Nickig. Plant: Potentilla nepalensis 'Melton Fire'