Plants with an Image

29 April 2015
Plants with an Image
The theme for the International Specialist Nursery Days Bingerden in 2015 is plants with an image. A plant can have an image whether this is right or wrong. And their reputation varies from time to time. Succulents and cacti were "so seventies" for ages, but are trendy now. A certain image can be completely unjustified; roses are not so difficult or always have thorns as people might believe. Or take the black tulip, legendary, but unfortunately still not for sale.

New idols

At the same time nurseries come with new varieties and cultivars that have special colours, a more compact growth or are better resistant to diseases. These gems are found abundantly at the Nursery Days on the idyllic grounds of the Bingerden estate. For example the new Sidalcea hybrid 'Lilac Candice', Eupatorium maculatum 'Red Dwarf' and the white-green blooming Astrantia involucrata 'Adimihow' from Dirk de Winters New Generation Plants. Nursery De Kleine Plantage has the new salvia's 'Ember's Wish' and 'Endless Love' in its range. The newest hostas (notorious delicacy for slugs, but there are solutions!) are naturally found at Fransen nursery and for the finest and most fragrant roses - the most romantic flower of all times - there is the Bierkreek Lens and De Wilde. And this is only a very small part of the exclusive range of the approximately sixty specialist nurseries at Bingerden.
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