Bingerden in colour

07 June 2016
During the Nursery Days, the garden colouring book of Bingerden will be launched.
The Bingerden 2016 colouring book has been created to celebrate 20 years of Bingerden’s International Nursery Days and is drawn by artist, portraitist, designer, illustrator and sculptress Laurence Mosneron Dupin. For some years she has collaborated with Pierre Frey, a luxury Parisian house producing fabrics and wallpapers. Her fine designs are also to be found amongst Gien’s decorative earthenware and pottery. Laurence was trained professionally in both Paris and Avignon. Her particular areas of study ranged from architectural heritage restoration, antique painting techniques, ornamentation, decorative painting and gold leaf. Laurence: “My inspiration comes from nature: there I find my interior world. At school my note-books were filled with sketches of gardens and flowers and boughs. So it feels entirely natural that these same subjects now fill my Bingerden sketch-book.”
‘Bingerden in colour’ can be ordered online or purchased at the Nursery Days. Faber Castell has generously supported the publication of the colouring book.
Watch the video of Laurence while she is working to illustrate the colouring book.
Update 10 May 2017: it's still possible to order the colouring book using this link: